Pool Excavation


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The excitement of a new in-ground pool may be replaced by the huge process that is in-ground pool installation.

Connecticut Excavation takes you every step of the way during the in-ground pool construction process. We establish partnerships and work with contractors to make sure the pool construction and installation process is as smooth as possible. This means the construction process begins with the first conversation you have with a member of the Brothers Pool team and lasts all the way to the completion of your new home swimming pool. However, your relationship with Brothers Pool does not stop at the end of the construction process. The team at Brothers Pool is committed to helping you maximize your home swimming pool experience.



We have the experience to take on even the largest and most difficult in-ground swimming pools. Our in-ground pool fill in/pool removal service consists of complete removal of all parts of the old pool; the concrete walls are collapsed, pool coping is removed, and of course dirt is brought in to fill the hole. When we are finished you will have a level graded area where the pool once existed. I know that this can be an overwhelming task as I have worked with countless homeowners stressed out about the entire process. When we arrive to give you your free estimate we explain everything in detail to ease any and all concerns. Hiring someone to remove a pool is usually a once in a lifetime decision, we help our customers not regret who they hire to do it.


There is no way to price a pool without taking a few things into account. First of all access is important. A pool that is out in the open may allow trucks to back up and dump right into it, that saves time which equates to a lower cost. Whereas a pool that is in a tight area behind a house may need to have all the soil moved by machinery; the added machinery and operators will call for an increase in cost. Also a gunite pool is incredibly more intensive than a liner pool, many times the cost for a gunite pool will be almost double that of a similar sized liner pool. With those points being made there are ranges you can expect. A liner pool will typically range from a low of $7,000.00 to a high of $10,000.00 depending. Potentially higher costs can occur under certain circumstances.

Now a gunite pool will have a cost range of $9,000.00 to $12,000.00. Potentially higher prices can occur for the largest of pools and for some municipalities that request all of the concrete to be hauled away.


A liner pool (weather permitting) will take between two and five days depending on circumstance. Even though two pools may both have liners one may have more or thicker concrete around it, with other factors as well. No two pools are exactly the same.


Now gunite pools are more work. The thick gunite (concrete) is usually filled with rebar (metal rods to reinforce the concrete). Due to the fact that these pools have concrete everywhere they cannot be ripped out like a liner pool. Gunite pools require demolition equipment, typically a hydraulic breaker hammer attachment for an excavator. This attachment is used to pulverize the concrete and is a time consuming process. With that being said a gunite pool will take between four days and up to two weeks depending on the composition of the pool.


A pool removal/fill in permit is required from most towns (although it is not mandated by the State Of CT). It is typically a simple process where the contractor or homeowner will go to town hall and acquire the permit. Fees range from $50.00 to $150.00 depending on the cost of the job. The town often will want to take a look at the pool once the walls have been ripped out and it is ready for fill. Sometimes pictures are sufficient to show them the process was done properly. At this point the pool is filled, and a final inspection is done once the pool is filled in and soil is spread.